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Ever found history boring or are tired of the same old stuff?
Witty History changes that!

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Age of Exploration Book


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Master of Atomic Mayhem 

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The Fall of the Roman Empire 

How to Mismanage and Empire

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Ancient Egypt
Take a Walk on the Nile Side (UPCOMING)


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Laugh Yourself Smarter

You're slumped in a hard, unforgiving chair, your eyes glazing over as your history teacher drones on about the significance of an obscure treaty or the countless battles of an all-too-long war. You yawn, struggling to maintain interest. Sound familiar? History, with its intricate tapestry of facts, can indeed be a dry subject, especially when taught in the traditional style. It has been that dull companion you've been forced to sit beside, nodding off while they droned on.


Witty History is your whimsically unconventional guide to the ages. It is a vibrant burst of color in a sepia-toned world. This audacious series saunters through time, spinning sagas of empires, exploring exploits of explorers, and relating revolutions with a twinkle in its eye and a smirk on its lips.


Walk side by side with pharaohs in Ancient Egypt, strategize with generals during the Revolutionary War, and dine with emperors as Rome falls. Debate with the philosophes of the French Revolution, raid with the Vikings, and take a backstage tour of the world's most gripping dramas — all while chuckling at the irony of human follies, the absurdities of fate, and the comedic underbelly of even the gravest situations.


This is the series that’s out to prove history isn't just for scholars, nerds, or the trivia-obsessed. It’s not even just for people who want to appear intelligent at cocktail parties (although it definitely helps with that). Witty History is for you – the person who wants to understand the past without falling asleep in the process. This series takes the stiff, dusty figure of History, ruffles its hair, throws an arm around it, and transforms it into the life of the party.


So, if you've spent a lifetime being averse to history, or if you've ever wished you could join in those deep discussions without your brain hitting the snooze button, Witty History is for you. Dive in and rediscover history, not as a chore, but as an enthralling story with a killer sense of humor. Go ahead and laugh yourself smarter.